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We started like an enterprise in 2001.  We are the VK ELEKTROCOM Electric and Industry of construction Ltd.  Our business’s activities: Strong-and low-voltage electrical implementation across the country, sometimes in other countries too. In 2002 lots of need to realize our business enriched its activities that people can do complex interior decoration works, where the professionals in addition electrical works they do structural buildings, reverts. These are performed on high-level. Since our business founded there is constantly stable, reliable background in design and construction. The workings have lots of experience.

1. Strong-and low-voltage electrical implementation.
Our business got lots of experience for years. We still do accurate and reliable work.
Our scope of activities you can find to the buildings electrical operation necessary things :

•    building electricity
•    electrical technology
•    Production Equipment
•    Automation
•    Building control
•    EIB smart home
•    Medium Voltage Networks
•    Backlight
•    Floodlight
•    Fire Alarm Systems
•    Heat and smoke control systems
•    Structured Networks
•    Property Protection Systems

2. machine installation
   Production lines, special equipment delivery and installation

Major works:
- Komló, Ltd. Ratipur, plastic processing plant
- Sikonda, Wellness Hotel is a complete electrical installation
- Pecs, Plast Hons, electrical installation
- BAT tobacco factory of Pécs, continuous technological installation
- Komló, Szilvás pharmacy complex building construction
- Pecs, pharmacy Fortuna complex building construction
- Komló Municipality conference room complete building design
- National Medical Center Stem Cell Bank, a complete building design
- National Medical Center offices, design labs
- Hungarian Academy of ongoing renovations wing
- Hungarian Academy of Sciences building conference room
- Director of the Hungarian Academy of office design
- Budapest, MO Restaurant building implementation
- Ferihegy I terminal reconstruction, electrical construction work
- BS Arena, electrical construction work
- Budapest Military Hospital reconstruction, electrical construction work
- Training Pool Marcali complete electrical installation
- Training Pool Nagyatad complete electrical installation
- Paris Boutiqe chain: Westend, Arcade (Pécs, Győr, Ors air control), Vac,
- Prague, Debrecen, Premier Outlet, etc.. implementation
- Signora kivitelezetése Gyor Arcade shops, Premier Outlet, warehouse Biatorbagy
- Pecs Arcade involvement electrical installation
- Triumph Lingerie shops Solymár Soroksár Auchanban and complete construction
- Electrical installation Csertői Festetics Castle
- Csepel Baumax complete electrical installation
- Budapest Fehérvári road, Allée city center, Inter Spar supermarket, complete electrical installation
- Pecs, Kossuth Square, the garage or a complete electrical installation
- Hungarian Academy of Sciences II. floor. wing renovation
- Adony intervention grain storage, port and logistics center.
- Hotel Gunarasfürdő complete electrical installation
- Kaposszekcső, Kindergarten full mechanical and electrical design
- Komló, High School László Nagy High School and a complete electrical installation
- Komló, Gagarin School full execution of electrical works
- Szolnok, building contractor I-II. full range of electrical installation
- Szálka the winery building is complete electrical and medium voltage design
- Dombóvár Music School in electrical construction
- Szentgotthard, Allison Transmission workshop complete electrification
- Pecs, Károly Simonyi School expansion - full range of electrical installation
- Szentgotthard, GM OPEL production halls electrical construction and equipment installation works.

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