Quality policy
"Our customers' satisfaction is our first!"

1. The VK Elektrocom Ltd. has always strived for customer satisfaction in the quality of work that our clients choose us again.

2. The manager of the VK Elektrocom Ltd. its products suppliers and marketing and related services involved in the selection of contractors emphasis investing in the economies of the consistently high quality, reliability and accuracy.

3. The VK Elektrocom Ltd.’s important part of quality policy, its employees safe, healthy conditions to carry out their work and professional development and training are provided.

4. The VK Elektrocom Ltd. will ensure that any activities in the environment to minimize the adverse effects on.

5. The VK Elektrocom Ltd. all employees of the Quality Policy formulated with Identifying act in the ISO 9001:2001 quality management requirements
The success of the application, as well as higher levels of customer satisfaction and customer order.

6. The VK Elektrocom Ltd. it seeks to achieve the above objectives, the quality management system is effective continued to pursue the application of expansion, development, and the renewal of the to adapt to constantly changing market.


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